Create magento extension online using SILK module creator tool

To create a magento extension online with complete skeleton (empty classes of model, controller and view) you can use a online tool SILK module creator. Here you can create a extension with frontend controllers, admin controllers, admin grid of your customer table with CRUD functionalities, add category attribute, add customer attribute, add magento event (observer for

Creating Simple Extension

To create a simple extension for a Magento 1.9 or less website, follow these simple steps. Step 1 Create a XML file inside root folder/app/etc/modules/Your Company Name_Your Extension Name.xml. For example C:\Program Files\Xampp\htdocs\magento\app\etc\modules\Mohan_Simple.xml or /var/www/html/magento/app/etc/modules/Mohan_Simple.xml <?xml version="1.0"?> <config> <modules> <Mohan_Simple> <active>true</active> <codePool>local</codePool> </Mohan_SImple> </modules> </config>   Step 2 Create a folder inside¬†root folder/app/code/local/Your Company Name/Your